Do I only need to pay the total price of the booking, or are there potential additional costs?

ParkCare functions as a bridge between parking providers and customers seeking parking services. The total amount displayed at checkout encompasses the parking provider's service fee, along with a commission for the platform and applicable taxes. This sum constitutes the final payment for the reserved service, with no further charges incurred during checkout. However, the parking provider reserves the right to impose additional fees for specific circumstances, such as late-night arrivals, oversized vehicles, extra passengers, or large luggage requiring shuttle bus transportation. These extra charges typically stem from situations necessitating additional effort by the parking facility. They are solely imposed by the parking provider and are payable on-site, without any commission to our platform.

Additionally, there may be airport taxes mandated by the departure airport, independent of our platform or the parking provider. These fees are dictated by airport regulations and apply uniformly to all parking services at the airport. To ascertain the presence of additional costs, please consult the 'Additional Information' section on the car park profile page. Here, you'll find a comprehensive list of potential extra charges along with their respective conditions.

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