At ParkCare we commit to keeping your privacy regarding your personal data. In the Privacy Policy, we will explain the details of how we very carefully collect and share your data. Your internet security is of the utmost importance to us.

Purpose of data collection
We always ask you for your email address, telephone number, number plate, and flight number so we can create your reservation for you with your parking provider near an airport. This data is therefore what is needed to do make this reservation and is also used to send you newsletters and improve your user experience, as is explained in our cookie policy. You email address and telephone number are what is needed for us to be able to contact you with the details of your booking and your number plate is needed so the parking provider is able to recognise your vehicle upon arrival so you parking experience can be smooth and simple. With regards to Valet Parking, your number plate is used as a recognition marker for the chauffeur, and it is also a good security measure to identify your vehicle. Your flight number is necessary so the parking provider knows whether your flight is delayed as this can affect your parking. The provider can therefore make adjustments to avoid any negative impacts to your journey to or from the airport.

Furthermore, we use your data to send you newsletters for commercial reasons but also to inform you about different parking options at other airports. We use your email address for this. With regards to tailoring our website to your needs, we use Google Analytics. This allows use to become more user-friendly and customer-oriented. All data we use is anonymous so neither your name or email address are used. All we use is the data regarding your browser use. All data acquired is only transferred to the parking provider with your permission.

Data retention
If you decide to unsubscribe, your data will no longer be stored. If you contact us by email, your name and email address will be passed onto us and will be stored for no more than 2 years. The anonymous information received from Google Analytics will also be stored for no more than 2 years.

Your data will only ever be managed in our system and software, it will not be copied or stored anywhere else or in any physical form. All your data can be accessed by you in your account. We also secure our website by SSL certificate to protect your sensitive data and keep your connection private, and this is indicated by the HTTPS prefix before the URL address. This personal data will not be sold to third parties so you can be sure that it remains confidential.

Your rights
If you want access to your personal data you can do so via contacting us by email or phone. You can find our contact details on our Contact page. You have a right to your data so you can have it erased at any time.

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