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Parking tips

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Reserve on time

Airport car parks allow you to reserve a place well in advance. However, this has the consequence that the cheapest places are often gone quickly. If you book at the last minute, you will always pay more. With some providers, the cheapest places can even be booked only in advance and then as a rule no later than two weeks before your departure date. That is why we advise you to compare the parking providers with each other at least one week before your departure and to reserve a place directly online.

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Compare experiences of others

It is difficult to assess what the service of a parking provider actually is, solely on the basis of the facilities that are offered in combination with the price tag. A parking space that looks good in theory can sometimes be disappointing in practice. Therefore, read the experiences of other users beforehand. Negative or positive points can be raised in this, which you had not considered in the first instance. If you still have questions after your investigation, you can of course contact our customer service or view our frequently asked questions.

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Leave on time

Going on a trip brings a lot of stress. However, this can largely be avoided by taking your time more widely. You often have to be at the airport two hours in advance. However, anything can happen on the way and it is often a matter of searching before you have found the parking space. Moreover, it can be quite busy at the airport. We advise you to count an extra hour on top of the time you need to be in advance and your travel time to the airport, to avoid having to run at the last minute to catch your flight.

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Find your parking spot quickly

To quickly find where you need to be, it's best to enter the exact address of your parking provider in your navigation. You will find several parking spaces and services near the airport, so it is not so obvious that you can immediately find the right one. Also don't forget to print your reservation in advance and keep it handy in the car. This applies to the parking provider as the confirmation of your reservation. In addition, we recommend that you store the number of your parking space in your telephone, for example, to avoid having to scour the entire parking lot in search of your car after a tiring return trip.

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Many parking providers will include the mileage of your car in your presence upon arrival. This has to do with rumors that parking providers would abuse your good faith and drive hundreds of miles in your car in your absence. To prevent such accusations, many providers therefore record your kilometers driven. If this is not the case, then it is wise to photograph your mileage yourself. The chance that a supplier will get to your car is very small, but this way you don't have to worry about anything at all.

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Upon return

To make your arrival and return trip smoothly, it is useful to make a number of preparations. First of all, make sure that you keep your car key in a fixed place. This way you can quickly bring it out. You do not want to have to turn your entire suitcase upside down in search of your keys. Also switch on your telephone as soon as this is allowed, so that you can communicate with the parking provider about the taxi or transfer to your parking space. This way you avoid having to wait long. Also make sure you have enough fuel to get home, or at least until the next gas station. Having jumper cables in the car is no superfluous luxury, since your car can suffer from start-up problems after it has stood still for a long time.

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Do not leave valuable properties in sight

Car thieves always look first in the car to see if something can be achieved. If there is nothing valuable to see, then there is a greater chance that they will not break open your car. That is why it is wise to put your valuable properties out of sight. Do this especially when you park your car in an unattended parking area. You can also not leave valuables in your car and show this to the thieves by removing the parcel shelf from the car. In this way they immediately see that there is nothing valuable.

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